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GIGIL Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling to find gifts for the kids in your life? Our STEM Kit holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for kids of any age!

Gifts for Kids Ages 2-5 years

Creative Kit Our Creative Kit is a fun way to bring sensory activities to craft time! Encourage creativity while exploring curated kits. All the materials needed to complete each activity is included so you can get crafting without hunting for any supplies. These craft kits for kids will be a hit for any kids ages 2.5 and up.

Shop our Christmas Creative Kit here!

Gifts for Kids Ages 4-7 years

Pre-K - 1st Grade STEM Kits Our Pre-K - 1st grade STEM Kits are created with early learners in mind. We often incorporate sensory play and fine motor skills in this age-level box while introducing the basic concepts of STEM. Whether you're shopping for a monthly subscription or just a one-time purchase, you can choose the Pre-K to 1st Grade box for the youngest of junior scientists in your life!

Elite Kits

Our Elite Scientist STEM Kits create a fun learning experience from home and are a great option for homeschooling learners. Each Elite STEM Kit provides 5 full video lessons and activities. For kids at the Pre-K - 1st grade level, we offer "Sound + Light", "Weather", and "Plants + Animals". These kits help littler kids learn about the world around them with hands-on activities. Like all of our STEM kits, everything you need is included!

Gifts for Kids Ages 5-12

2nd - 5th Grade STEM Kits At the 2nd - 5th grade range, we take STEM learning to the next level by introducing more critical thinking and problem-solving into each activity. Each hands-on activity will have kids learning without even realizing it! Best part? These boxes are curated to be OPEN + GO! So there’s little to no prep required!

Elite Kits

The Elite Scientist Collection for 2nd-5th graders provides full STEM lessons complete with 5 videos, 5 activities, plus the materials to complete each activity. Best suited for kids aged 8-11 years old, these Elite Kits include "Earth's 5 Systems", "The Water Works", and "Earth + Human Activity." These STEM Kits are so much fun and bring the fun back to at-home learning.

Gifts for Kids Ages 12-14

Elite Kits We didn't forget about the older kids when we created our Elite STEM Kits! Kids between the ages of 12 and 14 years old will love our 6th-8th grade kits. We created "Out of this World" and "Bridges" for this age group.

GIGIL STEM Kit Options

GIGIL STEM Kits can be purchased as a one-time purchase or as a 3, 4, 6, or 12-month subscription! We also offer discounts for siblings boxes so you can bring STEM fun to everyone in the family. We ship to all 50 states within the U.S.

We are Charter School Approved which means you can use Charter School Funds to purchase GIGIL STEM Kits. These make great supplements to lesson plans or provide fun screen-free activities to do after school, on the weekends, or during school breaks.

We provide ALL the materials you would need to complete each activity so you can really just open and GO! In each kit, you'll find a Parent Letter with instructions, a link to a video lesson, and activity guides so you can successfully complete each activity.

We are certain the Jr. Scientist who receives this box will love this hands-on experience!

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