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STEM Box Of The Month

"Dino Excursion" Ships by December 10th! Pre-order available now!

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"Dino Excursion" 

What's in the Box?

It's time to go on an adventure to dig up some long-lost friends! In your December STEM Kit, we'll be learning all about dinosaurs! GIGIL's STEM Subscription Box is offered for two different age groups; Pre-K - 1st Grade or 2nd - 5th Grade.

Each STEM Kit includes 5 hands-on, non-screen, activities. This month's activities are listed below:


  • Build A Dinosaur

  • Paleontology Cookie Excavation

  • Frozen Dinosaurs

  • Dino Hatch

  • Salt Dough Dino Bones


  • Build A Dinosaur

  • What Was The Age of the Dinosaurs

  • Create A Dino Habitat

  • Mini Dino Flip Books

  • Salt Dough Dino Bones