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GIGIL's STEM Kits are the best STEM subscription box for kids! Each of our STEM Kits includes:

  • 5 hands-on STEM experiments and activities
  • All of the materials required to complete each activity
  • Access to one pre-recorded STEM lesson taught by a California credentialed teacher


Visit our Box of the Month page to see our featured boxes! There is a new box each month, you will never receive the same box twice!


STEM Kits will be shipped within 3-5 days of purchase. Each month after that, your subscription will ship on the 10th of each month.


All shipping costs ($5.99 per box) are included with the sibling add-on price.


Have more than 2 kiddos? Send us an email for additional sibling savings!


This monthly subscription auto-renews your purchase every month. The monthly subscription is eligible for cancelation at any time. Cancelations must be made before the billing date, no exceptions. Refunds will not be issued for cancelations made after the auto-renew date. Cancelations become effective on the next scheduled billing date.

STEM Subscription Box

SKU: 0001
Price Options
Monthly Subscription
1 STEM Box per month, cancel at any time!
$37.95every month until canceled
3 Month Subscription
1 box a month for 3 months. Billed monthly.
$34.95every month for 3 months
6 Month Subscription
1 box per month for 6 months. Billed monthly.
$31.95every month for 6 months
1 Year Subscription
1 box per month for 12 months. Billed monthly.
$28.95every month for 12 months
  • *Some materials including basic household liquids (water, vinegar, etc.) are not shippable. On rare occasions, adults may need to supply small portions of liquids or other common household items that are not practical for shipping (i.e. large mixing bowl) for use.

    If you are receiving a GIGIL STEM Kit through a charter school order, please note that some charter schools prohibit food items from being included in the STEM Kits. In these cases, you will be responsible for providing your own food materials.

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