15 Free Online STEM Games for Kids

At GIGIL, we love learning through play! Here are some fun and free games for your kids to play and learn.


- A collection of STEM games and resources Math Blaster

- Fun math adventure game

Sheppard Software

- A variety of games for all ages


- Explore space through these fun interactive games

Science Kids

- Science experiments, games, and resources

Adapted Mind

- Interactive math lessons for kids of all ages

PBS Games

- A wide range of games in different categories

Math Game Time

- Fun and engaging math games

Education Games

- Large collection of games sorted by subject and grade

Math Playground

- Fun math and puzzle games for all age ranges

Mr. Nussbaum

- Games and interactive lessons covering all subjects

Turtle Diary

- Science games, quizzes, and resources


- Interactive STEM games for kids in grades 3-12

Centre of the Cell

- Science adventure games

Code Monkey

- Learn to code with these fun games

Have fun playing!

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