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Free STEM Educational Resources + Activities

It can be tricky to find educational and safe websites or resources for your children to explore on their own. Here are some of our favorite STEM resources for you or your kids to explore. Happy learning!


Free Educational Resources Soft Schools

Online Games

Math Blaster Kids' Science Challenge

Cool Math

Educational Resources

UCAR National Wildlife Federation

PBS Learning Media

Physics for Kids

Captain Planet Foundation Science Buddies

Smithsonian Learning Lab

STEM Works

STEM Learning

Cosmos for Kids

Easy Science for Kids

How Stuff Works

Climate Classroom Kids

YouTube Channels


SciShow Kids

Science Max

Argo's World

Michelle Gay Science Teacher

ScienceBob The Space Gal

Silly Science with Simon

Netflix Shows Brainchild

Oh, Yuck!

Emily's Wonder Lab

The Magic School Bus


Ask The Storybots

Number Blocks

Did you know we share a ton of educational content on our YouTube channel and DIY activities on our social media?! Follow along with us for some fun activities!







GIGIL STEM subscription boxes come with 5 hands-on learning activities for kids aged TK-5th grade. We offer 3, 4, 6, or 12-month subscriptions, with separate boxes for TK-1st grade with age-appropriate activities. We also accept charter funds! We are currently approved with iLead, Compass, Sky Mountain, and Sage Oak Charter Schools. If you'd like us to apply to become a vendor for your charter school, email us at!

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