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Why Creative Projects Should Be In Your Homeschooling Curriculum

Creative projects are at the core of almost every homeschool curriculum. While there is a myriad of subjects that can be taught through reading and home study, things like art, science, and even history can be better taught using creative projects. Several studies show that project-based learning (PBL) has a significant benefit for students of all ages, especially the K-12 age range.

Of course, there are some hurdles to creative learning in a homeschool context, especially access to projects and supplies. One study noted that the arts and other creative pursuits were difficult to teach in a homeschool environment due to a lack of supplies. Thankfully, there are plenty of subscription boxes (like GIGIL for STEM projects), as well as project kits to help homeschool families access quality supplies for their education.

However, this article isn’t about the viability of finding supplies for your homeschooler, it’s about why creative projects are one of the most viable (and fun) ways to encourage independent learning, as well as collaboration and subject engagement.

Importance of Creative Learning and the Arts

It is nearly impossible to teach a K-12 art class without creative projects, and the same goes for the homeschool environment. Students who get a feel for creative work through their own experiences gain a wealth of benefits, from motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children to confidence in working with different materials and the willingness to experiment and try new things for older children.

Creative projects for the arts also engender an appreciation of works of art, as kids are likely to understand the difficulty and mastery that goes into classic paintings or sculptures.

Creating Subject Engagement

Creative projects are essential to homeschooling in the realm of STEM and history, as these areas can be daunting for both educators and students alike. Thankfully, creative projects like those offered in the GIGIL STEM boxes can alleviate the struggles of lesson planning for homeschool parents and can help students engage with the subject matter.

One study pointed out that PBL and specifically creative projects helped to also drive engagement in computer studies and other related subjects, showing the educational strength of these methods in helping students engage with trickier subjects and concepts.

Learning Autonomy and Independent Learners

One powerful tool for homeschool teachers is creating an independent learner. Not only is instilling a love of learning into homeschool students a goal for many parents, but children who retain their curiosity about the world and different subjects are more likely to become autonomous learners, which can carry into their adult life and benefit them on many levels.

PBL helps children feel in charge of their education, as they are involved in the learning experience from the beginning. While some children thrive on continual feedback, others prefer to work on the project on their own or with a group. These are both viable ways of approaching creative projects in a homeschool environment, although varying the two can help children learn to adapt to different learning environments.

While there are no set guidelines for PBL, research on the subject points to success in a classroom environment. Of course, homeschooling operates outside of a classroom environment, for the potential success of creative projects.

Thanks to the hands-on approach of homeschooling, as well as the potential for flexible learning environments, creative projects like those offered in the GIGIL STEM Kit, as well as countless other learning programs, can help children develop a love of independent learning, as well as individual skills that may benefit them as they go on to further their education.

Overall, creative projects are an important tool for the homeschool educator to have in their wheelhouse, as they can benefit children in K-12 learning significantly, and help make tough subjects more accessible.


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