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GIGIL STEM Kits for Homeschooling

If you don't already know, GIGIL was created by both a homeschooling mom and a CA credentialed teacher. Each box is created to either incorporate into your lessons as a homeschooling parent, teacher, tutor or just make great after-school screen-free activities.

GIGIL STEM Kits are already approved by a handful of Charter Schools meaning you can use your funds to purchase our kits! We have created pre-paid subscriptions specifically for using charter funds for a quick approval. Your pre-paid subscriptions will still be shipped once a month along with our regular subscriptions.

Here are the current charter schools we work with! Don't see your school? Send us an email and we'll get added!

GIGIL STEM Kits will make a great addition to your curriculum! Made by a mom and made for parents, GIGIL was created to be super simple for parents to use. We include every single thing you'll need in each box including things like pencils, scissors, and tape! You won't have to go digging for anything to complete the activities! We also include learning guides, a video lesson, and instructions to walk you through each activity.

Learning should be fun and enjoyable! We wanted each activity to be completely hands-on and to leave your kids with fun projects to provide a sense of accomplishment and sometimes a fun keepsake! GIGIL STEM Kits are completely one-of-a-kind with providing all the materials for 5 completely hands-on activities.

We know you'll love how simple it is and your kids will have so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning something along the way!

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