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STEM Unraveled - What is Electricity?

Have you ever wondered how electricity works? We use electricity on a daily basis for so many purposes - from lighting up a room to powering up our devices! But where does electricity come from?

There are two kinds of electricity - current electricity and static electricity. Static electricity comes from two objects rubbing together like when water and ice particles in storm clouds collide and produce lightning bolts or when you rub your socks against a carpet and feel a shock when you touch something. Current electricity is what we use to power our homes and devices.

Everything in the universe has atoms and inside atoms are tiny moving particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. When an outside force, like friction or chemical reactions, alters the balance of the electrons in the atom - the movement of atoms gaining or losing an electron is what produces electricity.

Power plants produce electricity by altering atoms through the energy produced by solar power, hydropower, wind power, and more! Electricity currents travel from power plants to power lines you probably see around your neighborhood! Then electricity travels to your home and other buildings.

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