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January STEM Kit - "It's Electric"

In our January STEM Kit, we'll be learning all about electricity and how we power the things we use every day!

Flashlight Sticks

Follow along with Miss Kayley in the video lesson as we build working flashlights!

Magnetic Mud

You'll start by making magnetic slime! Then wave a magnetic over your slime and watch as it attracts to the magnet.

We create separate boxes for 2 different STEM Kits for age-appropriate STEM activities. Here's what each kit holds!


  • Flashlight Sticks​

  • Magnetic Mud

  • Build an Electroscope

  • Electrical Currents

  • Lightbulb Circuit


  • Flashlight Sticks​

  • Magnetic Mud

  • Build an Electroscope

  • How to Build an Electricity Magnetic Motor

  • Lightbulb Circuit

GIGIL STEM Subscription Boxes bring STEM Education to your doorstep, with up to 5 activities each month and all the supplies you need to complete them! Just open up your STEM Kit and go (easy)!

Ready to start learning? Order today and your first STEM Kit ships within 3-5 days!


Our hands-on learning STEM Subscription Box will not disappoint! GIGIL STEM Kits are a great opportunity to bring STEM Education home in a fun and interactive way. Did you know GIGIL STEM Kits accept charter funds? If you'd like us to apply to become a vendor for your charter school, email us at!

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