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June STEM Kit - "Engineering Challenges"

Building activities provide a ton of educational benefits and developmental benefits while leaving room for endless creativity and open-ended play. We love engineering challenges and can't wait for you to get your hands on this STEM Kit! Until then, let's take a look at the activities we'll be learning in June.

GIGIL's STEM Subscription Box is offered for two different age groups; Pre-K - 1st Grade or 2nd - 5th Grade. Each STEM Kit includes 5 hands-on, screen-free activities. This month's activities are listed below:


  • 3D Tensile Bubbles

  • Lego Challenge

  • Stop The Rain

  • Platform Challenge

  • Pulley System


  • 3D Tensile Bubbles

  • Design A Grabber

  • Stop The Rain

  • Catapult Challenge

  • Pulley System


GIGIL STEM Subscription Boxes bring STEM Education to your doorstep, with 5 activities each month and all the supplies you need to complete them! Just open up your STEM Kit and go (easy)! We are also Mom's Choice Award winners!

Ready to start learning? Subscribe today and your first STEM Kit ships within 3-5 days!

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