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May STEM Kit - "What's That Sound?"

Updated: May 3, 2022

The science of sound is fascinating! It's how we communicate with each other and stay aware of what's happening around us. In our May STEM Kit, we're diving into sound waves by exploring music, water, and animal sounds! Let's take a look inside the box...

We have separate kits for different age groups. Here's what activities come in each box:

Pre-K to 1st Grade Activities

  • Animal Sounds

  • Water Sounds

  • Bottle Flute

  • DIY Speaker

  • Balloons and Sound

2nd to 5th Grade Activities

  • Animal Sounds

  • See Sound Drum

  • Bottle Flute

  • Spinning Noise Maker

  • Balloons and Sound

Bottle Flute

Instruments provide so many different noises and sounds! In this activity, we'll be building a flute and your Jr. Scientist will learn how air and vibrations create sound.

Balloons and Sound

This fun activity demonstrates centrifugal force and sound vibrations. You'll even learn about how friction causes heat and the balloon may pop!

GIGIL STEM Subscription Boxes bring STEM Education to your doorstep, with up to 5 activities each month and all the supplies you need to complete them! Just open up your STEM Kit and go (easy)!

Ready to start learning? Order today and your first STEM Kit ships within 3-5 days!

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