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DIY Rain Stick Activity

Did you know making rain sticks had so many benefits?! As your building, your littles will work on fine motor skills and can be creative in their decorating. Once complete, rain sticks are a mess-free sensory activity and provide a way to self-regulate! Ready to make one? Here are the steps...

  1. Start by decorating a cardboard tube however you would like! If you use paint, wait for the tube to dry before continuing.

  2. Then cut 2 circles out of construction paper. Make sure they're large enough to cover the edges of the tuble.

  3. Crumple them up so they become more flexible.

  4. Cover one end of the tube with your crumpled circle and secure with a rubber band or tape.

  5. Then create some coils out of pipe cleaners. Create enough to fill the length of the tube.

  6. Now it's time to pour in your filling. Use can use dry items like rice, beans, or sand.

  7. Once complete, cover the other end of the tube with your paper circle and secure. Your rain stick is complete!

To experiment, fill with various types of materials and notice how the sound changes! Why do you think certain objects create different sounds?

Have fun experimenting! Tag us on Instagram with your creations, we would love to see!


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