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2022 Summer Challenge

June 1 - Aug 31

STEM All Summer Long!

Welcome to GIGIL's STEM Summer Challenge! 

We've rounded up some fun STEM activities to keep your Jr. Scientists learning, playing, and being creative throughout the summer. To participate, follow the instructions for each activity below.

Once completed, upload a photo or video using the form attached to each activity. 

On September 1st, we'll determine the winners for each category and notify you via email. 

We can't wait to see your creations!

Most Creative

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Time to break out your paints, markers, and crayons.

Complete each activity in a creative way to win this Elite STEM Kit! 

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Rack up the most points to win a 2 month STEM subscription and receive 20% off your next purchase!

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Most Innovative

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Missing some of the supplies you need? Or maybe you have a better idea of how to complete the activity?


Use your problem-solving skills to think outside the box to complete each activity! Use the instructions as guidance, but put your best ideas to work!

Most Points

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Make An
Egg Bounce


  • 1 Egg

  • Glass Cup

  • White Vinegar


  1. Before you start - make a guess on what your egg will look like after 2 days of soaking in vinegar! Why do you think it will look this way?

  2. Fill your glass with enough white vinegar to cover your egg.

  3. Put your egg in the glass and wait for 2 full days!

  4. Pull your egg out and notice the way it feels. Why does it feel that way?

Take Note

  • After the first hour, take note of what your egg looks like. What's happening with the vinegar and the egg?

  • After the first 6 hours, what is the vinegar and egg looking like?

  • What does it look like after a full day?

  • Finally, what is the end result?

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Great work!

How To Separate Salt & Pepper


  • Table Salt

  • Pepper

  • Plate

  • Comb

  • Optional - inflated balloon or wool


  1. Sprinkle a good amount of salt and pepper to a plate. Mix together.

  2. Charge your comb with static electricity by running it through your hair, by rubbing it against a balloon, or rubbing it on a piece of wool.

  3. Slowly move your comb across the pile of salt and pepper. Watch your pepper lift from the salt and onto your comb!

Take Note

  • What happens when you charge the comb and hand it off to another person? Does this experiment still work?

  • Why do you think the pepper is separating from the salt?

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Great work!! 


Coded Clues


  • Print the downloadable sheets shown above


  1. Use the guide to decipher each of the tech fact sentences! 

  2. Each number represents a letter. 

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Great work!! 

Code A Map