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Women In STEM

This month we celebrated Women's History Month by recognizing some powerful women within the STEM industry. Did you know women only make up 27% of STEM-related jobs? To help bridge this gap in the future, it is so important for girls to explore STEM from an early age and to continue following their interests in STEM throughout their educational careers.

Here are a few of our favorite leading ladies within the STEM industry:⁣

Florence Barbara Seibert⁣ - Seibert is an American Biochemist whose most notable accomplishment was creating a reliable tuberculosis test.⁣

Grace Hopper⁣ - Hopper was a computer scientist in the US Navy. She was one of the first programmers on the Harvard Mark I computer!⁣

Rachel Carson⁣ - Carson was a marine biologist and conservationist. She wrote 'Silent Spring' which led to a nationwide ban on many harmful pesticides.⁣

Edith Clarke⁣ - The first woman to be professionally employed as an electrical engineer! She invented the Clarke Calculator which was 10x faster than any previous model.⁣

Ruth Rogan Benerito⁣ - We can appreciate and still use today all of the work mentioned above but as a mom and do-er of all the laundry, we really have to give it up for this one... Benerito was an American chemist who invented the wash-and-wear cotton fabrics!⁣

These women, and so many more, have played an important role in leading society where it is today. It's important to teach our young generation of females that they too, can change the world!⁣ Who are some of your favorite women role-models in STEM?


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