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April STEM Kit - "Let's Build"

GIGIL's April STEM subscription box is all about BUILDING! The "Let's Build" STEM Box has 5 hands on STEM activities for children between TK - 5th grade. Your children will get to learn about engineering by constructing a Pringle's tower, assembling a crossbow and so much more! Here's a sneak peek at the STEM activities your Junior Scientist will get to do this month!

Pringles Circle Can you complete the circle?? This activity teaches learners how to think ahead and come up with a strategy to build the strongest tower. Once they've accomplished the circle, see if they can rebuild using fewer Pringles!

Marshmallow Man The Marshmallow Man STEM activity engages critical thinking skills to determine the best method to engineer the strongest Marshmallow Man! In our TK-1st grade box, it's all about being creative and getting him to stand up freely. In our 2nd-5th grade box, there are requirements for how tall and strong he should be.

Hawkeye's Crossbow Challenge

Hawkeye needs your help! His new apprentice doesn't have a crossbow so we're going to build him one. This activity is not only fun to build and decorate, but also teaches a lot about engineering!

Teaching kids engineering is important because it shows them how to think creatively, problem-solve, work with their hands, and so much more. Knowing the basics of engineering is helpful for our day-to-day lives!


GIGIL STEM subscription boxes come with 5 hands-on learning activities for kids aged TK-5th grade. We offer 3, 4, 6, or 12-month subscriptions, with separate boxes for TK-1st grade with age appropriate activities. We also accept charter funds! We are currently approved with iLead, Compass, Sky Mountain, and Sage Oak Charter Schools. If you'd like us to apply to become a vendor for your charter school, email us at!

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