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July STEM Subscription Box for Kids - "Reach For The Stars!"

Our next STEM Kit will take you to outer space!! In July, we are learning all about constellations, moon phases, and the planets in our solar system. Your child will learn through fun, hands-on activities to get them involved in each lesson. Let's explore a couple of the activities!

Constellation Geo Board

Do you know the major constellations in our night sky? This kit brings them to life with a hands-on connect the dots style activity! After the activity, you'll have to head outside to see if you can spot the 4 constellations they have replicated on their geo board!

Outer Space Diorama

Fine motor skills, creativity, and education - the perfect mix! With this activity, your Jr. Scientist will get to create their own night sky. Then cut out each of the planets and place them in your new galaxy! Do you know the orders of the planets from the sun??

Other activities included in this box are Build A Moon Phase Model, Star Gazing Projector, and Build A Planet Model. Our STEM subscriptions will provide your kids endless fun and keep them learning throughout the Summer! Pre-order "Reach For The Stars" now!


GIGIL STEM subscription boxes come with 5 hands-on learning activities for kids aged TK-5th grade. We offer 3, 4, 6, or 12-month subscriptions, with separate boxes for TK-1st grade with age-appropriate activities. We also accept charter funds! We are currently approved with iLead, Compass, Sky Mountain, and Sage Oak Charter Schools. If you'd like us to apply to become a vendor for your charter school, email us at!

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