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GIGIL's STEM Bundles will keep kids busy, laughing, and learning all summer long! This bundle includes 3 of our STEM kits curated for your Junior Scientist. They'll love learning about the world around them with "Friction", "Density", and "Liquid or Solid?"


The bundle of STEM Kits includes:

  • 15 hands-on STEM experiments and activities
  • All of the materials required to complete each activity
  • Access to three pre-recorded STEM lessons taught by a California credentialed teacher


This bundle ships within 3-5 business days of ordering and includes free shipping!


Learn more about the activities in each box included in this bundle here: 


STEM Kit Bundles ship 5-7 days after order is received. *Not applicable for discounts. 

Science Bundle

  • *Some materials including basic household liquids (water, vinegar, etc.) are not shippable. On rare occasions, adults may need to supply small portions of liquids or other common household items that are not practical for shipping (i.e. large mixing bowl) for use.

    If you are receiving a GIGIL STEM Kit through a charter school order, please note that some charter schools prohibit food items from being included in the STEM Kits. In these cases, you will be responsible for providing your own food materials.

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